Between Indifference and Charity: Syrian refugees ...
    Well-established insitutions of the Syrian diaspora in Brazil have let down Syrian refugees fleeing the war by failing to provide them with adequate assistance and being indifferent to their plight or selective in their action to help, Cecilia Baeza argues in this new publication.Brazil is home to t...
6 things to know about our meeting in China
2017-06-26    Original Link 
    The Forum’s 11th Annual Meeting of the New Champions takes place in Dalian, China this week. With its futuristic focus on science, technology and innovation, it is unlike any other meeting the Forum organizes during the year. Here are six things you need to know about it.This year’s theme is Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Fourth Industrial RevolutionThemes for meetings are useful: they provi...
Storm the Barricades! But, which ones?
2017-06-26    Original Link 
    Content sponsored by University of Massachusetts Amherst Arts Extension Service.Does it feel like you are walking in a fog of rage these days?Events in Washington can leave us consumed in gyrations of outrage. You may want to scream, vent, rant and storm the barricades. But, which barricade should you storm?Our answer is: any and all of the issues in dispute, such as immigration, poverty, healt...
Why disappearing jobs keep students out of college
2017-06-23    Original Link 
    After states suffer significant job losses, college attendance drops among the poorest students of the next generation, a new study suggests.As a result, states marked by shuttered factories or dormant mines also show a widening gap in college attendance between rich and poor, the study’s authors write.Yet simple economics aren’t the only factor at play, the authors write. Poor students in econ......
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