Why the most successful businesses have strong val...
    It has been more than a quarter century since the new Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations in the United States shined a spotlight on the importance of ethics and compliance in corporate governance. And yet it can seem as if we are no closer to seeing our leading companies meet a basic st...
Busting the myth of the start-up
2017-04-27    Original Link 
    Governments around the world are championing start-ups. From Brisbane to Bangalore to Bristol to Boston, efforts to create a start-up culture have been prioritised.But starting up companies is often the easy part: the bigger challenge lies with scaling them up to grow into significant businesses. That means having the confidence, skills and resources to grow rapidly. Start-ups should become sca...
Reality check—Ontario’s finances remain dire despite a balanced budget
2017-04-27    Original Link 
    The Ontario government last balanced its budget 10 years ago. Tomorrow, approximately $160 billion in new debt later, Finance Minister Charles Sousa is expected to finally table a balanced operating budget for the 2017/18 fiscal year.But while a balanced budget will make headlines, Ontario remains the most highly indebted sub-national government in the world. So here’s what to look for in tomor...
Softwood lumber tariffs—another hostile trade salvo from Trump administration
2017-04-27    Original Link 
    The Trump administration this week announced that it will impose new tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber imports. Specifically, the U.S. Commerce Department will apply countervailing duties, ranging from 3 per cent to 24 per cent, against five major Canadian lumber exporters. For other Canadian lumber companies, it set a tariff of 20 per cent.The duties were imposed to counter what the U.S. gov......
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