How Did North Korea Get Nuclear Weapons?
    Carnegie NPP co-director James Acton speaks with WBUR on the history of and motivation behind North Korea’s nuclear program. The program, Acton explains, dates back to the 1950s and 1960s, and experienced an acceleration in technology in the 1990s. The regime's motivations for pursuing nuclear capab...
U.S. Cyber Command Now Stands Taller, But Can It See Further?
2017-08-24    Original Link 
    When I departed the Defense Department last month, I delighted in receiving a now-traditional farewell gift: a photoshopped magazine cover with fake headline zingers about cyber policy topics. The largest headline, dead center, parodied my participation in at least three separate studies on the future of U.S. Cyber Command: “Is it time to elevate? Maybe now? How about now?” So, the president’s ...
Why Africa needs this one thing to tackle complex problems
2017-08-24    Original Link 
    Scientific research often requires sophisticated equipment like radio telescopes or laboratories. This infrastructure is essential for scientific discovery. But another form of infrastructure is now essential too: synthesis centres. These specialise in bringing together experts across academic fields and geographies.Today researchers must address complex problems that cut across disciplines, co...
Qatar dispute exposes regional food-security failures
2017-08-23    Original Link 
    The ongoing dispute between Qatar and a regional bloc led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt has shed light on the pressing issue of food insecurity in the Gulf. Despite long-running efforts to establish viable food-security programmes, these states are heavily reliant on expensive imports and vulnerable to unmanageable shortages.The decision in early June to sever dip......
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