Ancient Greek wisdom for today’s leadership crisis
    What makes a good leader?This question confronts us at every election and with every domestic and international policy decision. As a professor of classical languages and literature for more than 30 years, I marvel at our insistence on addressing this question as if it were brand new.Centuries ago, ...
Finland is the only country where fathers spend more time with their children
2017-12-16    Original Link 
    “A lifelong bond is created in everyday moments,” writes Annika Saarikko, Finland’s Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, in a campaign designed to encourage fathers to take their paternity leave.In the end, she writes, parental leave lasts for only a brief moment in a decades-long work career. The campaign – which is being rolled out across Finnish media – depicts a burly constructio...
Leadership lessons for a fractured world
2017-12-16    Original Link 
    As a child growing up in cosmopolitan Lagos, Nigeria, in the mid-1970s, the concept of leadership was pretty simple: the head of the house was king and his word was final.There was no brokering, no argument, no confusion as to who the lord of the manor was. If caught breaking the established rules, the consequence and attendant punishment were pretty much laid out, no ambiguity, no confusion an...
In times of political polarization, progressive policymaking suffers
2017-12-14    Original Link 
    Social inequality, climate change, demographic shifts, global migration and digital transformation are the biggest challenges facing the governments of EU and OECD states. How forward-looking are their responses? How are increasing political polarization and nationalist populism affecting policymaking?The prospects for sustainable national policymaking and internationally coordinated policy sol......
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