Is Twitter better at predicting elections than opi...
    A new Breugel study measures the power of social media in forecasting election outcomesREUTERS/Dado RuvicWhether it’s Brexit or the US presidential election, in recent years traditional opinion polls have struggled to predict the final outcome accurately. A new study from European think tank Bruegel...
Immigrants made America great, says Warren Buffett
2017-02-28    Original Link 
    REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve MarcusWarren Buffett, in his annual letter, says you don't have to be an economist to understand one of the key factors that has made America great: Immigration.Nonetheless, the statement from Buffett, the world's third richest man, may attract some controversy this year. As a candidate, Donald Trump campaigned on a pledge to restrict immigration. And now as presiden...
Reach for the stars. The advice that failed a generation?
2017-02-28    Original Link 
    What does the future of work look like for Gen Y?REUTERS/Charles PlatiauWhen the Brexit referendum result came in, many celebrated, while millions despaired. The disappointed supporters of British membership of the European Union tended to be younger and better educated.Many young people felt let down by older Brexit voters. After all, they are the ones who will have to forge careers in less ce...
These countries have the most doctoral graduates
2017-02-28    Original Link 
    Cleverer by degrees ... here's where most doctoral scholars are fromREUTERS/Brian SnyderEducation is key to economic growth.And tertiary education in particular, is at the heart of the innovation that we see around us. New discoveries such as MP3 and GPS technology would never have happened were it not for PhD research.Countries are investing in their higher education systems, and more people t......
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