In order to prepare for the impact of AI, we need ...
    The view that AI-driven machines will outsmart humanity, take over the world, and kill us all – a staple of dystopian science fiction – is easy enough to dismiss, given that humans remain firmly in control. But many AI experts take the apocalyptic perspective seriously, and they are right to do so.R...
From synthetic life to engineering the climate – how we’re learning to manage the Earth
2018-05-19    Original Link 
    It is common to think about “process” in commerce, industry, and society. A well-designed, well-managed process is essential for producing “products” that are desirable across numerous social and business realms.It is less common to think about process in ecological systems.If Earth’s products are the magnificent array of species that populate the Earth, together with the mountains, deserts, an...
What we do with your information when you read this newsletter
2018-05-19    Original Link 
    With all the talk of the EU’s new data privacy law, the GDPR, you may well be wondering how your personal data is being used. But you probably haven’t got time to read through reams of terms and conditions. So here’s a quick, jargon-free guide to what actually happens to your data when you click on our newsletter.The information you give us When you sign up for our newsletter you give us your n...
China is putting ID cards on smartphones
2018-04-26    Original Link 
    China’s millions of smartphone users are set to be even more wedded to their mobile devices thanks to rival bids by the country’s internet giants Alibaba and Tencent. The two companies are competing to host essential state-run ID services on their platforms.Almost 60% of China’s population of nearly 1.4 billion citizens owns a smart mobile, according to data from eMarketer, while ID cards are i......
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