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China is building 30 'sponge cities' to combat climate change   
SPONGE CITIES China is taking the repercussions of climate change seriously. One consequence of our warming world is increasingly frequent and more severe flooding. This is especially problematic in growing, crowded cities, which has made certain regions in China more vulnerable. To combat this gro...
Not only a pawn in their game   
The war in Yemen has its own domestic logic, independent of the Saudi-Iranian ‘cold war'. Visiting the city of Marib in central Yemen earlier this month, it was for a moment possible to forget that Yemen is embroiled in a devastating civil war. Streets bustled with commerce and construction; a newly...
The real possibility of conflict with North Korea   
Conflict with North Korea is too often assumed to be an all or nothing issue, with nuclear Armageddon as the inevitable result. In a hurricane, there is a peaceful lull when the eye of the storm arrives, but it is just an illusion. This is where we are with North Korea. We think we have been seen th...
100 million more Indians are going to be connected to the internet, thanks to this ambitious plan   
India is gearing up for a massive digital transformation of its vast hinterland. In three years from now, the Narendra Modi government plans to lay down the necessary infrastructure—including one million kilometres of optical fibre network—to bring digital connectivity to the country’s 239,000 gram...
How China is stopping renewable energy being wasted   
Beijing (Reuters) - China aims to prevent power generated by its renewable energy sector being wasted by 2020, the country’s National Energy Administration (NEA) said on Monday. Power from wind, solar and hydro plants is often wasted as there is not enough transmission capacity to absorb it, leadin...
Israel’s Missile Defense and Some Implications for South Korea   
social shareBy examining Israel’s development of missile defense systems and the measures taken to ensure the safety of Israeli people at times of conflicts and wars, some implications are drawn from Israel’s experience for South Korea which faces a looming threat from the rogue Kim Jong-Un regime i...
What we’ve achieved and the challenges ahead – 50 years of ASEAN   
As ASEAN marks its 50th Anniversary, the bloc’s economic achievements with regards to intra-regional trade and connectivity have been remarkable. Today Southeast Asia has a combined GDP of about $2.4 trillion. Overall trade has grown from $10 billion in 1967 to $2.3 trillion in 2015. The GDP per ca...
Japan–Russia: Another Fine Mess   
Russian President Vladimir Putin imposes new conditions to normalise Moscow’s relations with Tokyo.A meeting last week between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Danang, Vietnam, where both attended a pan-Asian summit, went swimmingly. Sources said both sides...
Chinese grads return home with degrees and disillusionment   
When Ethan Liu received his master’s degree from a British university, he thought it would be a ticket to success back home in China. Instead of enrolling in a two-year master’s program that would have cost $3,000 in China, Liu opted to spend $60,000 on a 12-month course abroad. Upon his return, th...
Lebanon: The Return of Pax Syriana?   
As Saudi Arabia yesterday ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon, Syria seems to be reasserting its historic control over its western neighbour.Saudi Arabia yesterday demanded its citizens leave Lebanon immediately as tensions between the two countries reached boiling point following the resignation...
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