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From Homs to Aleppo: A Journey Through the Destruction of the Syrian War: Part 2: Aleppo   
Part II of this two-part series surveys the conflict’s impact on Aleppo. In November 2017, photojournalist Susan Schulman visited Syria with the intention of looking at the challenges of reconstruction in Homs and Aleppo – two of the cities that symbolise the devastating seven-year conflict.
Spring Goes to Winter: A Very Twenty-First Century Revolution in the Middle East   
The Arab Spring of 2011, a time of hope and optimism especially for the region’s young people, has become an Arab Winter. To turn the tide, young people must rally behind a unifying cause and not be discouraged by incremental, imperfect reforms.
Shocks, Remittances and Household Consumption: A Dynamic System GMM Analysis   
Alem, Yonas. 2018. “Shocks, Remittances and Household Consumption: A Dynamic System GMM Analysis.” EfD Discussion Paper Series 18-02. Download reference We use a dynamic system GMM regression on ve rounds of panel data to estimate the impact of international remittances on consumption of urban Ethio...
Blocked arteries: The EU’s problem with African integration   
Encouraging regional integration could improve economic diversification and economic security in North Africa, while encouraging the regional labour migration that has long helped sustain the Sahel and West Africa. On 21 March 2018, at an Extraordinary Summit of the African Union (AU) in Kigali, re...
Naturally Available Pollinator Decline Will Decrease Household Food Security and Increase the Gender...   
Tibesigwa, Byela. 2018. “Naturally Available Pollinator Decline Will Decrease Household Food Security and Increase the Gender Gap in Nutrition between Men and Women Who Head Smallholder Farm Households in Sub-Saharan Africa.” EfD Discussion Paper Series 18-05. Download reference This multi-country a...
Rising Israeli–Iranian tensions   
Tensions between Israel and Iran spiked on 10 February 2018, when an Iranian-produced unmanned aerial vehicle – launched from a Syrian air base near Palmyra – crossed into Israeli airspace. The drone was an Iranian copy of a US SQ-170 Sentinel, one of which Iran had captured after its operators in A...
Africa has a new free trade area. This is what you need to know   
African leaders have just signed a framework establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area, the largest free trade agreement since the creation of the World Trade Organisation. The free trade area aims to create a single market for goods and services in Africa. By 2030 the market size is exp...
Profitability of Bioethanol production: The Case of Ethiopia   
Gebreegziabher, Zenebe, Alemu Mekonnen, Tadele Ferede and Gunnar K?hlin. 2018. “Profitability of Bioethanol production: The Case of Ethiopia.” Ethiopian Journal of Economics :forthcoming: . Download reference This research investigates the profitability of bioethanol production in Africa, taking Eth...
Iraq: back to square one   
The success of the new EU strategy for Iraq will require a continuous and coordinated support with a long-term view that goes beyond the incidental military victories It is now 15 years since the Iraq invasion. It marked the start of it all in the country, of almost everything in the region and of ...
Ethiopia’s Leadership: Dawn of a New Era?   
With his appointment as Ethiopian Prime Minister designate, can Dr Abiye Ahmed Ali bring the country together?.The appointment of Dr Abiye Ahmed Ali to the chairmanship of Ethiopia’s ruling Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front Party (EPRDF)- – and to the country’s premiership – has sparked hope that...
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