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Iran -Arabie saoudite : la nouvelle guerre froide   
?La rivalité entre Téhéran et Riyad atteint une forme de paroxysme qui menace d'embraser le Golfe tout entier. Avec la menace d'une fuite en avant dans une épreuve militaire. ??L'Arabie saoudite et l'Iran pourraient se livrer une guerre de grande ampleur??, écrivait en novembre dernier Alireza Nade...
Kosovo's path to independence   
Kosovo's independence has become an irreversible fact, even if Serbia, Russia, and some other countries persist in their denial of reality. Kosovo declared independence on 17 February 2008, becoming Europe's newest state. This moment was the culmination of a long and difficult process that had its ...
'How long can we tolerate this situation?' Stories from the Greek islands' refugee camps   
? Amnesty International/Giorgos Moutafis (all images) We have spent this week travelling across the Greek islands of Chios and Lesvos to document the conditions that thousands of fleeing refugees are living in right now. They are all waiting to find out if they can continue their journeys to safety...
Pragmatic Symbolism: What Zeman’s Victory in the Czech Republic Means for Russia   
class="zone-title bg-screen--dark background-cover">1.02.2018Pragmatic Symbolism: What Zeman’s Victory in the Czech Republic Means for RussiaNew Eastern EuropeSign Up for More From Carnegie.ruIf you enjoyed reading this, subscribe for more!Personal InformationE-mail *E-mailSubmitMaxim SamorukovРусс...
Campaigning for truth for Giulio Regeni   
Posted 01 Feb 2018, 4:55pm By LiesbethTH 0 comments ?The streets of Cambridge will never be the same.I am not saying this facetiously. In my mind they have changed since Italian PhD student Giulio Regeni was tortured and murdered two years ago in Cairo, Egypt. He walked the streets that I walk. As ...
Beyond ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ Putin   
France and Germany are key in shaping European policies toward Russia. However, while the general public is largely skeptical of Vladimir Putin in both countries, the picture is more diverse in the political realm. Whereas Germany remains focused on multilateralism and a rules-based international or...
The Brexit threat to Britain's defence industry   
Last September, the UK published a remarkable paper on how it sees future foreign policy and defence relations with the EU after Brexit.Successive British governments have spent years decrying (and actively obstructing) European defence aspirations, seeing them as a threat to NATO. So it came as a ...
Europe’s defining choice on Poland   
Europe's decision on whether or not to declare Poland in breach with European rule of law standards comes down to a choice between principles and pragmatism. The triggering of Article 7.1 by European Commission in December 2017 has forced Poland to seek a new relationship with Europe. Jaroslaw Kacz...
Beyond ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ Putin: Debating Russia Policies in France and Germany   
Les attitudes exprimées vis-à-vis de la Russie dans le domaine public sont hétérogènes, en France plus qu’en Allemagne. Dans les deux pays, le grand public est généralement assez sceptique face à Vladimir Poutine et la politique russe. Les attitudes sont cependant plus diverses?dans le domaine poli...
Taner K?l?? released after eight months in jail   
31 Jan 2018, 04:27pm Taner K?l??, the Chair of Amnesty Turkey, has been released from jail today after nearly eight months in prison.The court in Istanbul conditionally released him on bail – he is still charged of “membership of a terrorist organisation”.More than a million people worldwide?have t...
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