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Not only a pawn in their game   
The war in Yemen has its own domestic logic, independent of the Saudi-Iranian ‘cold war'. Visiting the city of Marib in central Yemen earlier this month, it was for a moment possible to forget that Yemen is embroiled in a devastating civil war. Streets bustled with commerce and construction; a newly...
Israel’s Missile Defense and Some Implications for South Korea   
social shareBy examining Israel’s development of missile defense systems and the measures taken to ensure the safety of Israeli people at times of conflicts and wars, some implications are drawn from Israel’s experience for South Korea which faces a looming threat from the rogue Kim Jong-Un regime i...
Lebanon: The Return of Pax Syriana?   
As Saudi Arabia yesterday ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon, Syria seems to be reasserting its historic control over its western neighbour.Saudi Arabia yesterday demanded its citizens leave Lebanon immediately as tensions between the two countries reached boiling point following the resignation...
Destabilising Lebanon will only strengthen Hezbollah   
Europeans should work to blunt the impact of Saudi Arabia's strategy and prevent dangerous confrontation. The sudden resignation of Lebanon's Prime Minister has thrust the country into renewed political crisis. Less than a year after Saad Hariri re-entered office, his departure raises fears that Leb...
Kurdish referendum fallout threatens Western interests in the Middle East   
If Europe fails to up its diplomatic engagement with the Kurds it will lose influence to Tehran and Ankara. The independence referendum held by the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq (KRG), on 25th of September, was calculated to strengthen their negotiating leverage with Baghdad, Tehran and Anka...
How will the Islamic State endure?   
By Nelly Lahoud, Senior Fellow for Political IslamismIt is reasonable to ask whether the Islamic State can survive as a non-territorial entity. The group, also known as ISIL or ISIL, has distinguished itself from other jihadi factions by virtue of its success in capturing and governing territory. IS...
Global Islamism Monitor - No. 46   
IRELAND ON ALERTHave Islamists found a new hub in Europe? On the heels of recent attacks throughout the Continent, there is new concern that Ireland may be turning into a support base for foreign jihadists. Federal authorities in the country are investigating a suspected eight-man "organized terror ...
Loss of Kirkuk undermines Kurdish independence claims   
?By Toby Dodge, Consulting Senior Fellow for the Middle EastThe re-taking of Kirkuk by Iraqi forces is a huge boost to prime minister?Haider al-Abadi’s stature as a national leader. This cannot but help him retain the prime ministership in the upcoming national elections in 2018.For the Kurds, the e...
Sahel visit leaves fundamental issues unaddressed   
UNSC delegation continues to focus on technical implementation rather than tackling political problems. A senior delegation from the UN Security Council has just made its way back to New York from a whirlwind trip to the Sahel. The trip followed a string of high profile armed attacks in the region, ...
Turkey Seeks to Expand its Influence in Syria   
Ankara is using its military presence in northern Syria to prevent Kurdish independence and have more of a say in a post-Assad future of the country. The problem is, its main allies, Iran and Russia, are pro-Assad.After its first ground operation in northern Syria, Turkey says it will establish a s...
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