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This map reveals that temperatures have risen in nearly every US state over the last century   
Average temperatures have risen in every US state since the early 1900s, causing extreme summers, longer wildfire and allergy seasons, declines in crop and livestock production, and the spread of tropical diseases to be more common. That's according to a new report by the National Climatic Data Cen...
Some parts of the US have a lower life expectancy than Iraq and North Korea   
Despite being the world’s largest economy, some parts of the US have health records that compare unfavourably with developing nations, war-torn countries and dictatorial regimes. New research examining death records across US counties reveals that those living in areas with the highest life expecta...
Rents are tumbling in some of America's biggest cities   
An inconvenient math for housing is beginning to dog Chicago: The third largest city in the US has been losing population for years. Not huge numbers, but it adds up… In 2016, according to the Census estimate, the population dropped by about 9,000 people. Since 2014, the population has dropped by a...
The future is coming. Here's what it might look like   
Emergent technologies are poised to radically change how we work and live. They will transform our cities and workplaces, shifting jobs and entrepreneurship in new directions, and spur new ways to manage our lives. All of society will be affected, up to and including how we interact with machines t...
The staggering numbers behind the world's closest trade relationship   
Whether we’re discussing the ancient merchants that traversed the legendary Silk Road, or the transfer of goods across modern border lines, trade has always been about building close relationships. There are many examples of strong and mutually-beneficial trade relationships all throughout history,...
US schools are pushing their start times back - and it looks like it's working   
Schools in 45 states have pushed their start times back to fall in line with research that looks at the biological clock of adolescents. Administrators have found short-term roadblocks but long-term rewards for students, parents, and teachers. A greater appreciation for the benefits, not the downsi...
Tesla extended the battery life of its cars to help Florida residents flee Hurriance Irma   
Unlocking the full capabilities of a Tesla battery can cost thousands of dollars in extra fees—unless you’re trying to outrun Hurricane Irma. After a customer trying to flee the storm contacted the automaker to ask for more power, the company began issuing free over-the-air upgrades to drivers in t...
This is everything you need to know about DACA   
President Donald Trump is expected to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, a controversial Obama-era policy that shielded immigrants from deportation if they were brought to the US illegally as children. According to at least two media reports published on Sunday, Trump wa...
Evidence is clear on the benefits of legalising same-sex marriage   
Emotive arguments and questionable rhetoric often characterise debates over same-sex marriage. But few attempts have been made to dispassionately dissect the issue from an academic, science-based perspective. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, the more robust, rigorous and reliable ...
Marine protected areas in Costa Rica: How do artisanal fishers respond?   
?Madrigal, R.; Albers, H.J.; Capitán, T. and Salas, A. 2017. Marine Protected Areas in Costa Rica: How do artisanal fishers respond?. Ambio. Doi: 10.1007/s13280-017-0921-y Download reference Doi:10.1007/s13280-017-0921-y Costa Rica is considering expanding their marine protected areas (MPAs) to cons...
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