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Trump’s Jerusalem move   
On 6 December 2017, the Trump administration took its first step in what it described as a renewed attempt to resolve the Israel–Palestine conflict, by explicitly recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. American officials have vowed to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the en...
Confronting Iran   
Iran continues to sponsor a range of militant groups and has the capacity to conduct international terrorism – a problem that has bedevilled US administrations and the international community since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Iranian terrorism is primarily a threat to US interests and allies in the...
Is the New U.S. National Security Strategy a Step Backward on Democracy and Human Rights?   
Experts on a wide range of issues have parsed the Trump administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS) since its release in December, often criticizing what they regard as a weak treatment of crucial topics. This scrutiny includes attention to the strategy’s stance on U.S. support for democracy a...
Will US Nuclear Posture Review see a return to hegemony?   
A few days ago, the Huffington Post published the draft Nuclear Posture Review of the Donald Trump administration, which presents Washington's intention to use US nuclear weapons as a hegemonic tool again. Li Bin Senior FellowNuclear Policy Program and Asia Program More from this author... Entanglem...
Rethinking the Danger of Escalation: The Russia-NATO Military Balance   
Note: The rupture in Russia’s relationship with the West has laid bare a vastly different and often unsettling Russian narrative about the events of the past quarter century, let alone the challenge of fostering a stable post–Cold War security order in Europe. Yet the robust discussion of the countr...
Really? We’re Gonna Nuke Russia for a Cyberattack?   
The front page of Tuesday’s New York Times contained an alarming headline: “Pentagon Suggests Countering Devastating Cyberattacks With Nuclear Arms.” The article, by David Sanger and William Broad, reported on a leaked draft of the Trump administration’s Nuclear Posture Review, which determines what...
Japan in 2018   
Online registration for this event is closed. On-site registration will be available. Watch the last panel live on this page starting at 2:10 PM EST.In 2018 Japan continues to face both domestic and international issues of critical importance including a slow-growth economy, a debate over constituti...
The revived ‘Quad’ – and an opportunity for the US   
By William Choong, Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellow for Asia-Pacific SecuritySomething historic occurred at the sidelines of the ASEAN and East Asia Summit meetings in Manila in November. With little fanfare, a grouping of like-minded states – the United States, Japan, India and Australia – held a ...
Removing Barriers to U.S.-India Defense Trade   
The U.S. administration’s enthusiastic embrace of India as a bookend of stability in a free and open Indo-Pacific could very well translate into new defense trade deals. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson highlighted this potential in an October 2017 speech, stating the United States has offered India...
The Great Danger in South Korea Opening Up Talks With North Korea   
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un proposed resuming talks with South Korea in his New Year’s Day address, and Seoul leaped to grab the opportunity. South Korean President Moon Jae In has a ready reason to make the most of the talks: a successful Olympic winter games next month in Pyeongchang, with a p...
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