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Technology can drive green growth in GMS   
In the last 20 years, rapid economic growth in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) has reduced poverty and brought prosperity to many of its 420 million people.Much of the growth has relied on natural resources, which generate up to half of the total wealth in some GMS countries.But the “grow-now-cl...
  金融的特点包括杠杆,没有杠杆就没有金融。适度的杠杆率不仅能提高资金配置效率,还能促进经济增长。但是,如果杠杆率过高,则会造成信用违约频发、不良贷款陡增、资产价格崩溃、金融风险加剧,甚至导致金融危机。从整体上看,我国总体及各部门杠杆率均低于发达国家平均水平,债务水平温和可控,但有些部门的杠杆率上升过快,结构性问题突出。因此,要按照供给侧结构性改革的要求,有针对性地引导一些重点部门“去杠杆”,积极稳妥处理好债务问题,切实防范化解金融风险。  引导地方政府稳步去杠杆,规范地方融资举债。一方面,应科学制定并实施政府中长期资本投融资规划,严控地方政府债务增量。建立健全政府投融资制度,制定并实施政府中...
Well-designed stress test scenarios are important for financial stability   
The Federal Reserve just released the macroeconomic scenarios that banks will use for the stress tests in 2018, as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act. The stress tests are designed to help ensure that the largest banking institutions would have enough capital to continue to lend even in a severe recess...
Foresight Africa viewpoint – Africa’s bold move towards integration: The Continental Free Trad...   
After weathering the tumultuous year that was 2016, Africa’s economies ended 2017 on a positive note, with an annual growth rate of 2.6 percent and projected increase in 2018 and thereafter. A number of African countries are growing at above 6 percent as foreign direct investment inflows surge. Com...
Trump’s SOTU: Why pegging US foreign assistance to countries’ UN votes is a bad deal   
One transaction-minded passage in President Donald Trump’s State of the Union that has surprisingly received little attention worries me:“Last month, I also took an action endorsed unanimously by the U.S. Senate just months before. I recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.?Shortly afterwards...
Prospects for the Russian economy in an election year   
World Bank Lead Economist for the Russian Federation, Apurva Sanghi, will present the main findings of the latest Russia Economic Report (RER). The Russian economy has returned to modest growth – amidst positive global growth, a recovery in trade, rising oil prices, and growing macroeconomic stabil...
In the Super Bowl of trade, a winning playbook is services   
When the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots face off in the Super Bowl this weekend, the battle on the field between their revolutionary cities carries over from nearly 300 years of economic sparring—from fighting over seaport supremacy in the 1700s to the Amazon HQ2 shortlist announced l...
Welcome to Brookings, Chair Yellen   
Today, the Brookings Institution and its Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy?are excited to?welcome Janet Yellen as a Distinguished Fellow in Residence.Dr. Yellen, of course, is just finishing four years as chair of the Federal Reserve, the capstone to two decades of public service at the...
ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2018: Myanmar   
This Bond Market Guide provides an update for current and future domestic, regional, and international market participants on the tremendous developments in the Myanmar securities market.The Republic of the Union of Myanmar began to emphasize the development of its financial and capital markets in ...
Ontario’s fiscal paradox—a balanced budget and mounting debt   
Ontario has wrapped up its 2018 pre-budget public consultations as it prepares to deliver its next provincial budget. Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa confirmed in the fall fiscal statement that Ontario’s 2018 budget will be balanced, as will budgets over the next two years.However, the averag...
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