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Proposed Extension of Facility Availability Period: MFF 0029: Highlands Region Road Improvement Inve...   
A two-year extension from 30 June 2018 to 30 June 2020 of the availability period of the multitranche financing facility (MFF) for the Highlands Region Road Improvement Investment Program in Papua New Guinea (PNG) was proposed to allow the investment program to be completed.The MFF provides loans o...
Africa in the news: Rwanda’s AGOA suspension, leadership transitions, and Mnangagwa’s China trip   
The US suspends Rwanda’s AGOA eligibility on apparel over secondhand clothing rowLate last week, the United States announced a 60-day suspension of Rwanda’s African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) duty-free privileges on clothing in response to the East African country’s increase in tariffs on U....
Trade Networks and Economic Fluctuations in Asia   
The People's Republic of China (PRC) and Japan are at the heart of two trade communities in Asia.We present a new methodology, based on tensor decomposition, to map dynamic trade networks and assess their strength in spreading economic fluctuations at different periods of time in Asia. Using monthl...
Sounding the alarm on Africa’s debt   
Thanks to debt relief under two programs, the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative and Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative, debt in sub-Saharan Africa was cut by two-thirds by 2008. The relief has given the region a new lease on life.
Dallas Fed: High And Rising Public Debt Is Associated With Slower Growth   
Yesterday I was on a panel at Heritage looking at a Swiss-style debt brake and whether it was appropriate for the US.US federal debt is now at its highest level as a proportion of GDP since 1950. Even prior to the recent tax cuts and budget-cap busting omnibus spending deal, debt was forecast to ri...
From Silicon Valley to the Big Apple: John Williams Named Next NY Fed President   
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has made its decision. On June 18 of this year John Williams, currently serving as the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, will succeed William Dudley as New York Fed President. This decision will have many ramifications in the years to come,...
Figures of the week: African countries implement reforms to increase women’s access to credit   
Last week, the World Bank released its biennial Women, Business, and Law report, which documents the legal barriers faced by women at work and in business and highlights reforms implemented by countries around the world. The report scores countries across seven indicators such as building credit, i...
Today’s economic puzzles: A tale of weakening competition   
These are puzzling times. Developments in advanced economies in recent decades have produced a number of conundrums. Productivity has stagnated while new information and communication technologies have boomed. Investment has been persistently weak while interest rates have been at historic lows and...
Structural Change with Public Educational Expenditure: Evidence from the People’s Republic of China   
Since government plays a role in financing educational expenditure in most countries, there is a potential link between public education expenditure and structural change.We make an early attempt to analyze the comprehensive relationship between public educational expenditure and structural change,...
The Friend of My Enemy   
Iranians are well-known for their sense of diplomacy and professional diplomats are even, at times, experts at confusing their interlocutors. On March 13, Iran’s minister of foreign affairs, Javad Zarif, paid an official visit to Islamabad in order to pacify the Pakistanis after Hassan Rouhani’s thr...
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