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Brush, Breath and Line: A Veteran’s Recovery through the Arts   
Saori Murphy Brush, Breath and Line: A Veteran’s Recovery through the Arts Posted by Saori Murphy, Feb 02, 2018 0 comments Saori Murphy I am a US Army veteran, artist, teacher, creative soul guide, and like all of us—a work in progress. With all of these things that I feel I am, I know that being...
Arts Advocacy Day Is Coming   
Kate McClanahan Arts Advocacy Day Is Coming Posted by Kate McClanahan, Feb 01, 2018 0 comments Kate McClanahan Challenges Ahead: Why What You Do Matters“I think I need another cup of coffee.” That could only mean one thing: Arts Advocacy Day is near! This year will be the 31st consecutive year o...
Islamic Education in the United States   
It has long been believed that the education system must assimilate new and different groups into American society. Public school assimilation efforts, however, have often been wrenching for students and families, seemingly based on an assumption that some groups will refuse to assimilate or will e...
Arts Advocacy Day Is Coming   
Blog Posts for arts advocacy day Kate McClanahan Arts Advocacy Day Is Coming Posted by Kate McClanahan, Feb 01, 2018 0 comments Kate McClanahan Although years may really just be a number, in its 31 years, Arts Advocacy Day has seen six different U.S. presidents spanning both political parties. It’s...
From Davos: Is paying for results with blended finance ready to take off?   
Last Thursday morning, at a dark, early-morning hour, with my high-security badge securely hung from my neck, I cautiously trod along the slippery streets of Davos, Switzerland to participate in events at the 2018 World Economic Forum. This year, 2,500 of the world’s most powerful people gathered i...
Our Take on Donald Trump's First State of the Union   
By Atlantic Council US President Donald J. Trump delivered his first State of the Union in Washington on January 30, 2018. Read the address here. Trump touched on a diverse set of topics. We asked our analysts their thoughts on what the president had to say. Here is their take: ON THE SPEECH Trump ...
A Big-Spending, Flag-Waving State of the Union   
The State of the Union is a tradition that probably ought to go, but this one had the big spending plans Americans have come to expect. Cato’s John Glaser, Chris Edwards, and Neal McCluskey comment on the substantive policy proposals. Download:mp3 Subscribe to Cato Daily Podcast:?? Sign up for the ...
The Case against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money   
Education is?important, and the more of it you and everyone else get, the better. More years in school, more college degrees, means a better economy, country, and world for everyone. Right? Wrong, argues Bryan Caplan in a brand new book that challenges almost all the understandable, powerful—but pe...
The Issue of Creating Across Generations   
Myah OverstreetJason Wyman The Issue of Creating Across Generations Posted by Myah Overstreet, Jason Wyman, Jan 31, 2018 0 comments Myah OverstreetJason Wyman Myah Overstreet (20) and Jason Wyman (41) are an intergenerational producing team with The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture. They have wo...
Millions of young adults have entered the workforce with no more than a high school diploma   
Education beyond high school is critical to advancing beyond low-wage jobs, as reams of data and experience have shown. Those with only a high school diploma have higher unemployment rates and lower earnings than their counterparts with more education.
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