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Engaging the custodians of tradition and culture: Leveraging the role of multiple actors in Maasai g...   
The education of girls living in Maasailand in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid regions presents many challenges. This policy brief explores how deep-seated perceptions embedded in Maasai culture hold girls’ back. This research looks in depth at Kajiado and Narok counties, both predominantly Maasai areas...
Jamaica’s policy for the school reintegration of school-age mothers   
The role of women in society has morphed from merely that of a mother, wife, and homemaker to one who is critical in decisionmaking, economic development, and labor market participation. Advocacy for equitable access to education for girls to ensure that they can take their rightful place in societ...
Understanding girls’ education in indigenous Maya communities in the Yucatán Peninsula   
Mexico is a multiethnic country with large groups of indigenous populations that experience disadvantages in education due to a quadruple burden of poverty, indigeneity, rurality, and gender. This policy brief proposes alternative practices for improving the educational opportunities for indigenous...
Giving girls wings to fly: Tools to empower adolescent girls in rural communities in India   
This working paper will share the experience of?Ashta No Kai (ANK), a grassroots nonprofit the author?founded in 1998 in 10 villages in Shirur County, Maharashtra state, India, to promote the empowerment and education of women and girls in rural areas. The paper will, at first, examine the state of...
Translating competencies to empowered action   
This paper draws from evidence of the psychology of learning and theories of gender empowerment to present a framework for girls’ life skills education that links life skills development to wider social change for marginalized girls. The paper offers guidance to program designers and implementers, ...
Of dignity and dream homes: Transforming a slum in 3 steps   
In the light of World Cities Day, we explore a frugal home-grown solution for communities living in urban poverty – a community-led process of building affordable homes that started in the heart of Jhenaidha of south-western Bangladesh.Chinta Didi just got a new, two-storied house. It costs less tha...
Freeze to Squeeze   
Governments have often turned to investments in higher education to generate hope and opportunity for young people and others seeking better jobs and social mobility.? They may have a more receptive audience now more than ever, with younger generations facing increasingly precarious work prospects....
Does Management Matter for Learning Outcomes?   
Much has been written about the difference in education outcomes between public and public-private partnership (PPP) schools. According to a review by Ark, so far there is insufficient or modest evidence linking PPPs—including contract schools, subsidies, and vouchers—with better learning outcomes (...
The Significance of Investing in School Facilities and Measures for Reform   
SUMMARY □ Voices are being raised over the need to improve Korea’s educational environment for the health and safety of our students. And despite the fact that the educational environment plays a vital role in both learning and teaching, investment in school facilities has been given low priority. ...
Green skills for girls in a green economy   
In the 21st century economy, most workers will see 50-70 percent of their tasks lost to automation. Climate change will present a further set of threats to both the stability and sustainability of that economy. The livelihoods of the world’s most vulnerable will bear greater effects from natural di...
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