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This map reveals that temperatures have risen in nearly every US state over the last century   
Average temperatures have risen in every US state since the early 1900s, causing extreme summers, longer wildfire and allergy seasons, declines in crop and livestock production, and the spread of tropical diseases to be more common. That's according to a new report by the National Climatic Data Cen...
These gadgets are helping solve the world's plastic problem   
Kewalo Harbor is one of the Hawaiian capital’s busiest waterways. Each day, dozens of charter, diving and fishing boats filled with people-mostly tourists-motor in and out. Next to the harbor is Ala Moana Beach Park, a popular swimming, surfing and picnic spot. With all those people in and around t...
Governor Brown Wants Oregonians to “Take One for the Global Team” over CO2   
By John A. Charles, Jr.Oregon Governor Kate Brown has announced her intention to pass legislation in the short session of 2018 to place a regulatory limit on emissions of carbon dioxide by large industrial sources. Once a company exceeds the annual limit, it will have to purchase allowances for add...
Renewable energy has hit a major milestone in the UK   
Thanks for the subsidies The UK is seeing a renewable energy renaissance. With the help of subsidies, offshore wind power is quickly outpacing the cost effectiveness of new nuclear power. Subsidies are funds provided by the government to offset the cost of a commodity, in this case, off-shore wind ...
Water management: from panaceas to actual solutions   
Credits: CC glaukos @Flickr.com On 12th – 13th October, CMCC offices in Venice will host the workshop on “Efficiency oriented water management in agriculture: from panaceas to actual solutions”.Three keynote lectures will be broadcasted live via Go-to-Webinar. If you are interested in attending one ...
Tasmania in pole position for electric car industry   
Tasmania in pole position for electric car industry Around the world, governments are recognising the benefits of wide-scale electric vehicle use and are supporting their uptake through policy.?Thanks to its compact geography, Tasmania would encourage people to purchase electric vehicles by provid...
The Hurricane JOSE fingerprint on the OCEAN   
Text by Enrico Scoccimarro?and Dorotea Iovino Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (Fondazione CMCC), Bologna, Italy.First there was Harvey. Next came Katia and Irma. And now Hurricane Jose is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The peak of the Atlantic tropical cyclone season (Septe...
Parasites are being pushed toward extinction. We'll miss them when they're gone   
A great dying That we are in the midst of a mass extinction event is no secret. As climate change melts glaciers, warms oceans, and throws off weather patterns, organisms all over the planet are being pushed to their biological limits and made more vulnerable to disease. By some estimates, 75 perce...
McArthur River Mine economic benefits of $1.5B dismissed as ‘Wishful Zincking’   
McArthur River Mine economic benefits of $1.5B dismissed as ‘Wishful Zincking’ The Australia Institute has released a scathing criticism of economic modelling in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Glencore’s zinc mine expansion.“Glencore claim up front that the expansion of McArthur Rive...
Muslim worshippers seek green inspiration at the annual Haj pilgrimage   
London, Aug 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Some 2 million people are expected to travel across the globe to eat, sleep and pray in unison from Wednesday, as the annual Islamic pilgrimage of Haj gets underway in Mecca. For billions of Muslims who are physically and financially able, Haj is a mand...
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