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A Path to Faster Growth for Healthcare Companies: Eliminate Complexity   
Healthcare manufacturers have long believed that all revenue growth is good. But to increase the top line, many launched new products without addressing legacy versions, entered new categories without a path to leadership and expanded to all corners of the world without sufficient local scale. Merg...
Health in a Time of Austerity – Can Fiscal Measures Help?   
Featuring? Ramanan Laxminarayan, Director, Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy? Host? William Savedoff, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development? In many countries, it is difficult to raise taxes and therefore difficult to increase spending on health care. Nevertheless, many of the ...
Four questions about Japan’s snap election, answered   
When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called a snap parliamentary election in September, he said he was seeking a fresh mandate to overcome a “national crisis” amid renewed and rising threats from North Korea (which had recently flown ballistic missile tests over Japanese territory). The vote tha...
AG Sessions blocks progress on medical cannabis research   
Last week, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions a question about cannabis. It wasn’t about legalization or enforcement. It was about science. Sen. Hatch asked the Attorney General for a status update on applications to grow cannabis f...
Reforming the False Claims Act could improve American health care   
By Linda GormanIn a new Independence Institute working paper on the use and misuse of the False Claims Act (FCA), attorneys Mark W. Pearlstein and Laura McLane explain how an 1863 statute written to expose and punish Civil War contractors who billed for gunpowder and supplied kegs full of sawdust ra...
ACCORD organises workshop titled “Lessons Learned from Inclusive National Peacebuilding Processes”   
Bezawit Kefyalew ?20 Oct 2017 Workshop provides opportunity for dialogue on national peacebuilding efforts in Burundi, Liberia and South Sudan.In spite of the progress recorded in the continent in terms of socio-economic development, good governance, peace and security; recent years has also seen a...
Ploughing the path in a male-dominated turf   
Husnaara ran to her house smiling from ear to ear as if she could not get any happier. At that point nothing seemed impossible; she could become a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer, go to a good university. She could not wait to give her father the news about her Secondary School Certificate results a...
How Should Donors Decide? Allocation Rules to Guide Aid Spending in Global Health   
Featuring Alec Morton, Professor of Management Science, University of Strathclyde Discussant Christoph Kurowski, Global Lead, Health Financing, World Bank Group Host Amanda Glassman, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development In recent years, there has been tremendous ...
Fast Facts: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls   
As the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) continues, a new study looks at the problems of reactive government policy on MMIWG in Manitoba. ?The complex impacts on family members of MMIWG are examined in Cost of Doing Nothing: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women a...
Preparing for the Next Ebola Outbreak: Incentivising the Right Type of Capacity   
In April this year, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM)?published a report making the case for “Integrating Clinical Research into Epidemic Response.” As reflected in its title, the 250-page-plus-appendices report makes a strong evidence-informed argument for integra...
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