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  从线上到线下,从吃得饱到吃得好,过去一年,公众对食品的消费需求不断变化。我国食品安全形势到底如何?食品消费领域出现了哪些新变化?日前,在由中国食品科学技术学会主办的年度食品安全热点科学解读媒体沟通会上,专家们对2017年的食品安全热点问题进行解析。  从安全到营养,消费需求重心在变化  2017年,我国食品监管力度不断加大。比如,出台《网络餐饮服务食品安全监督管理办法》,要求线上线下一起发力,整治外卖乱象;实施被称为“史上最严奶粉新政”的婴幼儿配方乳粉产品配方注册制度,对婴幼儿乳粉的管理提升至药品级别;14个部门联合发文,在全国开展“明厨亮照”质量提升行动,将餐饮制作过程公开展现给消费者,...
Medical groups ask government to tackle soaring negligence costs   
Medical groups have written to the Justice Secretary, asking him to address the soaring cost of medical negligence claims, according to the BBC.A 2017 report from the Centre for Policy Studies noted the rapidly increasing cost of medico-legal expenses, and the associated insurance, was driving GPs o...
The foster care system was unprepared for the last drug epidemic—let’s not repeat history   
“It turned out that I did have a lot of talent. I wouldn’t have known it if she didn’t bring it out of me. I wouldn’t have played alto-saxophone, I wouldn’t have learned to play the drums, I wouldn’t have learned how to draw, I wouldn’t have been that person, that artistic person who has a crazy kn...
Exploring the links between Chinese foreign policy and humanitarian action: multiple interests, proc...   
China’s emergence as a global player often brings with it accusations that its humanitarian action will be used as a disguise, or a means, to expand its power. But?this paper demonstrates that?such accusations are overly simplistic. Rather, China’s engagement in humanitarian aid derives from a very ...
Diez preguntas para saber si su empresa le aporta a la paz   
Las respuestas a estos interrogantes pueden dar una buena idea de dónde están paradas las empresa en cuanto a su aporte a la paz de Colombia Este artículo se publicó en Cumbre, revista digital del Centro de Liderazgo del Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración, CESALa paz no suele ser vista...
Reality Bites: How Canada’s Healthcare System Compares to its International Peers   
January 25, 2018 Canadian provincial healthcare systems fare poorly compared to peer countries according to new research from the C.D. Howe Institute. In “Reality Bites: How Canada’s Healthcare System Compares to its International Peers,” authors Colin Busby, Ramya Muthukaran and Aaron Jacobs exami...
The Impact of Civil Conflict on Child Malnutrition and Mortality   
Presenters Embry Howell, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute Timothy Waidmann, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute Nancy Birdsall, Senior Fellow, President Emeritus, Center for Global Development Discussant Sebastian Bauhoff, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development Host Justin Sandefur, Senior Fellow...
Why Are Mexico’s Elections Likely to Generate Violence?   
By Michael Lettieri Ph.D.,?Senior Research Fellow at the Council on Hemispheric AffairsTo download a PDF of this article, click here.The first month of 2018 has been a dismal one for Mexico: more than 200 murders in the first two weeks, continuing the surge of bloodshed that intensified throughout l...
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