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Why Leading Medtech Companies Are Putting Customers Ahead of Products   
The leadership team at a global technology company had to move fast. Its products were losing market share as customers switched to integrated solutions. Worse, clients cited the company’s lack of responsiveness as a main reason for switching.The leadership team rapidly overhauled its sales organiz...
Where have all the workers gone? An inquiry into the decline of the U.S. labor force participation rate   
The increase in opioid prescriptions from 1999 to 2015 could account for about 20 percent of the observed decline in men’s labor force participation (LFP) during that same period.In “Where have all the workers gone? An inquiry into the decline of the U.S. labor force participation rate” (PDF), Prin...
How to Make Your Drug Launch a Success   
The pain is becoming all too common for many pharmaceutical executives. After a decade or more of investment in drug development and clinical trials, a company launches a promising new product only to see sales fall far short of expectations. Our research shows that nearly 50% of launches over the ...
How the Amazon-Whole Foods merger shrinks food deserts   
Responses to Amazon’s recent merger with Whole Foods have both praised the corporation’s vertical integration strategy and lamented the loss of the culture of brick and mortar commerce. Yet there is a third possibility for online grocery shopping, one that goes beyond the ease of having cage-free e...
Republican-controlled states might be Trump’s best hope to reform health care   
Early on in this year’s health care debate, we wrote about how the interests of Republican governors and their federal co-partisans in Congress would not necessarily line up. Indeed, as Congress deliberated options to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, several GOP governors came out agai...
Frontline stories: risks faced by health workers   
From armed conflicts to health epidemics, many frontline health workers operate in harsh environments which come at a high cost to their physical and psychological well-being. According to the Safeguarding Health Care Coalition, attacks on health workers, including threats, harassment, intimidation,...
Oregon Takes a Big Step to Battle Opioid Overdoses   
By Steve BucksteinFor a variety of?reasons, many Americans are becoming addicted to both legal and illegal opioid drugs, risking overdose and death.*Oregon just made it easier for friends and family members of those at risk to save their lives by administering what is known as the “overdose drug” n...
WRH Volume 37 Issue 13   
In our latest issue you will find the following analyses:ArticlesNarcotics Trafficking in Central America?– By Felipe Galvis-DelgadoResearch Associate Felipe Galvis-Delgado investigates Belizean drug-trafficking. In 2012, the Office of Foreign Assets Control in the United States Department of the Tr...
Let’s talk about the price of public health care in Canada   
Appeared in the Winnipage Free Press, Aug 10, 2017 It seems like a simple question—how much do you pay for public health care? And yet, it’s one that most Canadians would struggle to answer. Many would say "it’s free.” Others may point to health-care premiums in provinces that charge them. And ...
Changes to state innovation waivers in Senate’s “skinny bill” still raise serious concerns   
On July 27, the Senate introduced and narrowly defeated a stripped-down health reform bill, entitled the Health Care Freedom Act but widely called the “skinny repeal” bill, that would make a small number of substantial changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Like earlier drafts released by Senate...
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