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The Three Pathways (3P) Model of Violent Extremism: A Framework to Guide Policymakers to the Right Q...   
Policymakers should be aware of the many paths to violent extremism. Prominent frameworks relating to terrorism and violent extremism, including that developed by the NYPD and the popular ‘pyramid’ and ‘staircase’ analogies, tend to oversimplify or neglect the diversity of routes that individuals t...
Belarus and Zapad 2017: between a rock and a hard place   
By?Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace, and Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military AnalysisBelarus, Russia's titular partner in Zapad 2017,?straddles the fault line between Moscow and NATO.?Irrespective of the idiosyncratic and quasi-democratic nature of President Alexa...
Explaining the British Army’s Strike Concept   
The British Army’s new Strike concept has attracted much negative comment. But it is considerably more robust and well-founded than its critics claim, and it has the potential to offer infantry brigades the ability to march and manoeuvre under armour at far greater distances than is currently possi...
What does the new US policy on Afghanistan mean for India and Pakistan?   
This article is part of the India Economic Summit In a recent interview, Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US, alleged that the new US policy on Afghanistan is a paradigm shift. He emphasized two changes in particular: the first, that the policy is “holding out the prospect of tre...
The Picture After Doklam Stand-Off   
Summary: The recent stand-off in Doklam must be viewed from a long-term, strategic perspective that accounts for the challenges and opportunities posed to India by China, Russia, the United States, and its other Asian neighbors.Related TopicsSouth AsiaIndiaEast AsiaChinaDefense and SecurityMilitaryF...
Closing the Gap: Assessing Responses to Terrorist-Related Kidnap-for-Ransom   
This paper examines kidnapping as a source of terrorist finance, arguing that a new approach is needed if terrorist groups are not to continue to benefit from multimillion-dollar cash injections. Download this paper (PDF)Governments continue to be concerned about kidnapping as a source of terrorist...
Follow the Money: Using Financial Investigation to Combat Wildlife Crime   
This paper explores the financial dimensions of wildlife crime, and the need to disrupt the financial networks of those engaged in this crime. Download the paper (PDF)All over the world, for every animal or plant specimen taken illegally from the wild, money changes hands. It does so behind domesti...
Time to Accept Reality and Manage a Nuclear-Armed North Korea   
Summary: Policymakers should adopt a more realistic focus on deterring Pyongyang from using its nuclear weapons rather than pursuing low-probability attempts to denuclearize the peninsula in short order.Related TopicsEast AsiaNorth KoreaDefense and SecurityNuclear WeaponsRelated Media and ToolsPrint...
Iran Digest Week of September 1-8   
How The Travel Ban Left A Family Of Iranian Refugees Stranded In Turkey Seid Moradi never wanted to leave Iran. But under threats to his life because of his non-Muslim faith, he saw no choice. Savings in hand, he fled his hometown near the Iraqi border with his family, boarding a bus for the more t...
Aurora 2017: shedding light on Swedish defence thinking   
By?Amanda Lapo, Research Analyst for Defence and Military Analysis, and Yvonni-Stefania Efstathiou, Coordinator, IISS Defence and Military Analysis ProgrammeThe size, timing and nature of the exercise reflect Stockholm’s view of the deteriorating security environment in northern Europe; the conseque...
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