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This is what parental leave looks like around the world   
The Trump administration earlier this year included a plan for paid parental leave in its 2018 budget proposal, with a stated goal of offering eligible workers six weeks of leave. The proposal was a landmark: The US is one of eight the UN's 193-member states that do not already have a national prog...
Why having lots of friends as a teenager can be bad for your mental health   
Did you always want to be the most popular kid in school? Do you worry about the number of friends you have on Facebook? If so, stop worrying. New research has revealed that teenagers with large social networks are more prone to mental health problems in adulthood than those with a small group of c...
Explaining the British Army’s Strike Concept   
The British Army’s new Strike concept has attracted much negative comment. But it is considerably more robust and well-founded than its critics claim, and it has the potential to offer infantry brigades the ability to march and manoeuvre under armour at far greater distances than is currently possi...
Some parts of the US have a lower life expectancy than Iraq and North Korea   
Despite being the world’s largest economy, some parts of the US have health records that compare unfavourably with developing nations, war-torn countries and dictatorial regimes. New research examining death records across US counties reveals that those living in areas with the highest life expecta...
In 10 years, the world may not be able to feed itself   
By 2027 the world could be facing a 214 trillion calorie deficit, says Sara Menker, founder and chief executive of Gro Intelligence, an agricultural data technology company. In other words, in just a decade, we won’t have enough food to feed the planet. We’ve long known that we might reach a point ...
The Picture After Doklam Stand-Off   
Summary: The recent stand-off in Doklam must be viewed from a long-term, strategic perspective that accounts for the challenges and opportunities posed to India by China, Russia, the United States, and its other Asian neighbors.Related TopicsSouth AsiaIndiaEast AsiaChinaDefense and SecurityMilitaryF...
ACCORD attends Roundtable on Implications of Ad Hoc Regional Coalitions of States for the African St...   
Staff writer ?12 Sep 2017UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan addresses the African Union Summit in Banjul, the Gambia (UN Photo/Mark Garten) Independent experts attend roundtable to establish how ad hoc coalitions impact on AU peace support operations.In the past decade or more, a new form of response t...
Time to Accept Reality and Manage a Nuclear-Armed North Korea   
Summary: Policymakers should adopt a more realistic focus on deterring Pyongyang from using its nuclear weapons rather than pursuing low-probability attempts to denuclearize the peninsula in short order.Related TopicsEast AsiaNorth KoreaDefense and SecurityNuclear WeaponsRelated Media and ToolsPrint...
Pathways for Legal Migration into the EU: Reappraising concepts, trajectories and policies   
CEPS Book launch.?Are EU policies on legal migration fit for managing and governing?the movement of people across borders??Over the past 15 years, the ‘Europeanisation’ of policies dealing with the conditions of entry and residence of non-EU nationals has led to the development of a common EU?acquis...
Iran Digest Week of September 1-8   
How The Travel Ban Left A Family Of Iranian Refugees Stranded In Turkey Seid Moradi never wanted to leave Iran. But under threats to his life because of his non-Muslim faith, he saw no choice. Savings in hand, he fled his hometown near the Iraqi border with his family, boarding a bus for the more t...
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