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Technology can drive green growth in GMS   
In the last 20 years, rapid economic growth in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) has reduced poverty and brought prosperity to many of its 420 million people.Much of the growth has relied on natural resources, which generate up to half of the total wealth in some GMS countries.But the “grow-now-cl...
ADB, China Everbright International Facilitate Clean Waste-to-Energy PPP in Viet Nam   
HONG KONG, CHINA (2 February 2018) — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) today signed a $100 million loan facility agreement with China Everbright International Limited (CEIL) to help a series of municipal waste-to-energy (WTE) plants in primary and secondary cities in the Mekong Delta. This initiativ...
Court: Pennsylvania Must Rehire Trooper Legally Barred From Carrying Gun   
An appeals court in Pennsylvania has ruled that the state police force must rehire a trooper whom it let go after a female officer obtained a protective order against him which barred him from having a gun. A dissenting judge argued in vain that the dismissal was justified since under the circumsta...
Navy Scandal: Classic Government Corruption   
The Washington Post does not do much investigating of waste, fraud, and abuse in federal agencies anymore, but it has done a great job with the Fat Leonard Navy corruption scandal. I discussed prior WaPo stories on the scandal here and here.The newspaper has another pair of stories today (here and ...
Highs and Lows: Russia’s Foreign Policy at the start of 2018   
class="zone-title bg-screen--dark background-cover">The most memorable developments in Russia’s foreign policy in the past year include a breakthrough in the Middle East; a further escalation of the confrontation with the United States; continued alienation from Europe; and a tactical advance in As...
Brush, Breath and Line: A Veteran’s Recovery through the Arts   
Saori Murphy Brush, Breath and Line: A Veteran’s Recovery through the Arts Posted by Saori Murphy, Feb 02, 2018 0 comments Saori Murphy I am a US Army veteran, artist, teacher, creative soul guide, and like all of us—a work in progress. With all of these things that I feel I am, I know that being...
Well-designed stress test scenarios are important for financial stability   
The Federal Reserve just released the macroeconomic scenarios that banks will use for the stress tests in 2018, as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act. The stress tests are designed to help ensure that the largest banking institutions would have enough capital to continue to lend even in a severe recess...
Four reasons why DFID’s new digital strategy is one to watch   
Doing development in a digital world, the Department for International Development’s new digital strategy, is ambitious. It challenges our understanding of digital and of its implications for international development. It also stretches the definition of digital beyond social media and tools to incl...
A Trial for Lula and Brazilian Democracy: What’s Next for Brazil?   
|By Aline PivaAssistant Deputy Director and Coordinator of the Brazil Research Unit at the Council of Hemispheric AffairsThis article was originally published by New Socialist | ORIGINAL ARTICLE To download a PDF of this article, please click here?. Brazil has just taken another step toward the dism...
How cities can thrive in the age of Trump   
Bill Finan, director of the Brookings Institution Press, discusses “The New Localism: How Cities can Thrive in the Age of Populism” with authors Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak. In their book and in the interview, Katz and Nowak explain why cities and the communities that surround them are best suited ...
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