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The Three Pathways (3P) Model of Violent Extremism: A Framework to Guide Policymakers to the Right Q...   
Policymakers should be aware of the many paths to violent extremism. Prominent frameworks relating to terrorism and violent extremism, including that developed by the NYPD and the popular ‘pyramid’ and ‘staircase’ analogies, tend to oversimplify or neglect the diversity of routes that individuals t...
Belarus and Zapad 2017: between a rock and a hard place   
By?Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace, and Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military AnalysisBelarus, Russia's titular partner in Zapad 2017,?straddles the fault line between Moscow and NATO.?Irrespective of the idiosyncratic and quasi-democratic nature of President Alexa...
IBM is modelling its latest AI on your brain   
Attentive Robots Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are able to exhibit seemingly-human traits. Some are intentionally humanoid, and others perform tasks that we normally associate strictly with humanity — songwriting, teaching, and visual art. But as the field progresses, compani...
Unmanned 'ghost' ships are coming to our oceans   
The Yara Birkeland isn’t an ordinary cargo ship. If all goes well then the vessel, currently being built for a Norwegian agricultural fertiliser company, will become the world’s first fully autonomous cargo ship when it launches in 2020. Current international shipping law states that ocean-going ve...
Explaining the British Army’s Strike Concept   
The British Army’s new Strike concept has attracted much negative comment. But it is considerably more robust and well-founded than its critics claim, and it has the potential to offer infantry brigades the ability to march and manoeuvre under armour at far greater distances than is currently possi...
Every Transaction Leaves a Trace: The Role of Financial Investigation in Serious and Organised Crime Policing   
This paper makes the case for the wider use of financial investigation techniques in the fight against serious and organised crime. Download this paper (PDF)The international drug trafficker buying a plane ticket to Spain to arrange shipment of his next consignment; the people trafficker leasing a ...
McArthur River Mine economic benefits of $1.5B dismissed as ‘Wishful Zincking’   
McArthur River Mine economic benefits of $1.5B dismissed as ‘Wishful Zincking’ The Australia Institute has released a scathing criticism of economic modelling in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Glencore’s zinc mine expansion.“Glencore claim up front that the expansion of McArthur Rive...
Follow the Money: Using Financial Investigation to Combat Wildlife Crime   
This paper explores the financial dimensions of wildlife crime, and the need to disrupt the financial networks of those engaged in this crime. Download the paper (PDF)All over the world, for every animal or plant specimen taken illegally from the wild, money changes hands. It does so behind domesti...
Artificial intelligence is trying to write the next Game of Thrones book   
If you're hanging out feverishly to find out what happens after this weeks' drama-filled season seven finale of Game of Thrones, you're not alone. With the TV show now firmly ahead of the books, fans might have to wait until 2019 to see how George R.R. Martin's epic saga wraps up. So to give us som...
How Should Governments Respond to Disasters in the Digital Age?   
The UK government is facing withering criticism that it has been too slow to help British overseas territories devastated by Hurricane Irma. This criticism reveals wider questions about the way governments manage crises in today’s digital age.HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy’s flagship, is leading a group...
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