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Is Ukraine Losing Its Way?   
As part of her "Strategic Europe" blog for Carnegie Europe's website, Judy Dempsey asked a selection of foreign and security policy experts, including the DGAP's Stefan Meister, about the recent spat between Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko and Mikheil Saakashvili Published in "Judy Asks," Carn...
To filter or not to filter - That is the question   
Without shutting down the internet, we will never be able to eliminate all extremism. But we must keep trying to find the correct balance between freedom and responsibility.?“Pope Francis endorses Donald Trump”During the 2016 US presidential election, this headline spread rapidly through Facebook, p...
The Three Pathways (3P) Model of Violent Extremism: A Framework to Guide Policymakers to the Right Q...   
Policymakers should be aware of the many paths to violent extremism. Prominent frameworks relating to terrorism and violent extremism, including that developed by the NYPD and the popular ‘pyramid’ and ‘staircase’ analogies, tend to oversimplify or neglect the diversity of routes that individuals t...
Explaining the British Army’s Strike Concept   
The British Army’s new Strike concept has attracted much negative comment. But it is considerably more robust and well-founded than its critics claim, and it has the potential to offer infantry brigades the ability to march and manoeuvre under armour at far greater distances than is currently possi...
A kingdom of humanity? Saudi Arabia's values, systems and interests in humanitarian action   
Saudi Arabia's foreign policy?influences its humanitarian action: at times aligned with the humanitarian imperative to provide assistance to countries in crisis, but also at times at odds with it.?Most notably perhaps in the conflict in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is both a belligerent and a major hum...
BRACED Resilience exchange: what have we learned so far?   
The climate is changing rapidly. With limited resources and time to build resilience, we must learn what works, how it is working?and how this can be scaled up, if we are serious about supporting the people who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and disasters.?The BRACED?Resilience...
Perceptions of caretakers with different socioeconomic status about the harmful outcomes of fever in...   
Kassie, Telemu, Bruno P. Mmbando, Razack Lokina and Phares Mujinja . 2017. “Perceptions of caretakers with different socioeconomic status about the harmful outcomes of fever in under-five children in Dodoma region, central Tanzania: A cross-sectional study .” Alexandria Journal of Medicine : . Downl...
The Rise of the Fighter-Bomber in the Western Desert   
The fighter-bomber became an important part of the RAF's campaign in North Africa during the Second World War. The fighter-bomber rose from obscurity in January 1941 to become the major component of the RAF’s Desert Air Force strike power by late 1942. This was a major shift in the way the RAF empl...
Anti-discrimination measures in education: a comparative policy analysis   
Efforts to tackle discrimination in access to basic services have shown mixed results in different country settings. This study examines the positive and negative outcomes attributed to anti-discrimination measures adopted in different country contexts and analyses the factors contributing to these ...
Do anti-discrimination measures reduce poverty among marginalised social groups?   
Discrimination – on grounds of gender, against particular ethnic groups, on grounds of age, caste, disability or religion –?is a violation of human rights worldwide and an important factor contributing to the high rates of poverty among many discriminated-against groups. This report breaks new groun...
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