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Radicalisation and Violent Extremism in Kyrgyzstan: On the Way to the Caliphate?   
Minority groups in Kyrgyzstan are at the greatest risk of becoming radicalised. In this close analysis of radicalisation and violent extremism in Kyrgyzstan, Anna Matveeva argues that radicalisation is not a myth but a phenomenon taking root in the region. While the drivers of radicalisation are no...
From Homs to Aleppo: A Journey Through the Destruction of the Syrian War: Part 2: Aleppo   
Part II of this two-part series surveys the conflict’s impact on Aleppo. In November 2017, photojournalist Susan Schulman visited Syria with the intention of looking at the challenges of reconstruction in Homs and Aleppo – two of the cities that symbolise the devastating seven-year conflict.
Trade Networks and Economic Fluctuations in Asia   
The People's Republic of China (PRC) and Japan are at the heart of two trade communities in Asia.We present a new methodology, based on tensor decomposition, to map dynamic trade networks and assess their strength in spreading economic fluctuations at different periods of time in Asia. Using monthl...
Blood Between Us: Psychological Occupation and Resistance in Mosul   
The resourceful resistance effort in Mosul provides useful lessons on how psychological operations can be effectively countered. Following the liberation of Mosul, it is now possible to examine how local activists evolved into a coherent resistance movement during three years of occupation. In this...
Spring Goes to Winter: A Very Twenty-First Century Revolution in the Middle East   
The Arab Spring of 2011, a time of hope and optimism especially for the region’s young people, has become an Arab Winter. To turn the tide, young people must rally behind a unifying cause and not be discouraged by incremental, imperfect reforms.
India’s Changing Relationship with Russia: Challenges and Convergences   
In navigating its complex geopolitical environment, India should not allow its ties with Russia to weaken. The partnership between India and Russia has been a success of Indian diplomacy, but the relationship is beginning to show signs of strain. The growing closeness between Russia and China and t...
Structural Change with Public Educational Expenditure: Evidence from the People’s Republic of China   
Since government plays a role in financing educational expenditure in most countries, there is a potential link between public education expenditure and structural change.We make an early attempt to analyze the comprehensive relationship between public educational expenditure and structural change,...
Aid, security and Britain’s role in the world: proposals for coherent government action   
How can the UK government institute a more integrated approach to promoting peaceful, secure, resilient?and prosperous societies across the developing world?There are considerable complexities for the UK government in addressing the sources and mitigating the impact of fragility and conflict globall...
Shocks, Remittances and Household Consumption: A Dynamic System GMM Analysis   
Alem, Yonas. 2018. “Shocks, Remittances and Household Consumption: A Dynamic System GMM Analysis.” EfD Discussion Paper Series 18-02. Download reference We use a dynamic system GMM regression on ve rounds of panel data to estimate the impact of international remittances on consumption of urban Ethio...
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