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Altoona to be Released From Act 47   
Altoona to be Released From Act 47 Though there is nothing official on the state’s Department of Community and Economic Development page as of this writing, a published report and an announcement on the? website of the City of Altoona indicate that the City will be removed from Act 47 distressed sta...
Governor Brown Wants Oregonians to “Take One for the Global Team” over CO2   
By John A. Charles, Jr.Oregon Governor Kate Brown has announced her intention to pass legislation in the short session of 2018 to place a regulatory limit on emissions of carbon dioxide by large industrial sources. Once a company exceeds the annual limit, it will have to purchase allowances for add...
Russian–Western Dialogue: All Thoughts, No Action   
Although Russia’s relations with key Western partners remain tense if not deadlocked, there is no shortage of suggestions coming from Moscow for cooperation.Not all ideas about Western–Russian cooperation are necessarily new, and most remain unpalatable to the West, a reminder of the clear mismatch...
Belarus and Zapad 2017: between a rock and a hard place   
By?Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace, and Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military AnalysisBelarus, Russia's titular partner in Zapad 2017,?straddles the fault line between Moscow and NATO.?Irrespective of the idiosyncratic and quasi-democratic nature of President Alexa...
So, What is a Special Fund?   
So, What is a Special Fund? As our most recent Brief noted, a proposal coming forward this week would make a series of one time transfers from the surpluses of special/restricted funds (41 funds in all) and transfer that money to the general fund (a total transaction of $1.2 billion).So, what are th...
The UN in the 21st Century: Security Council Reform   
UN Member States must not relent in their efforts for UN reform, particularly of the Security Council, if the Organization is to remain an effective, relevant world body to address key global issues and challenges. The Group-of-Four campaigns of 2005 have left useful lessons, while ideas and proposa...
Zapad-2017: Why Do the Numbers Matter?   
Russia’s declared number of troops taking part in the biannual Zapad-2017 military exercise, about to start in Belarus, reveals that Moscow is almost certainly being ‘economical with the truth’.The week-long Zapad-2017 (West-2017) Russian–Belarussian joint strategic exercises starting on Thursday h...
City Wants Guarantee for Remainder of Host Fee   
City Wants Guarantee for Remainder of Host Fee Nearly a year ago–September 28th will mark the anniversary–the Supreme Court struck down language in the 2004 law legalizing slot machine gaming as it pertains to the local share assessment (host fee) that slot facilities (at horse racing tracks and sta...
How Should Governments Respond to Disasters in the Digital Age?   
The UK government is facing withering criticism that it has been too slow to help British overseas territories devastated by Hurricane Irma. This criticism reveals wider questions about the way governments manage crises in today’s digital age.HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy’s flagship, is leading a group...
Putin’s peacekeepers: Beware of Russians bearing gifts   
The West should engage with Russia's peacekeeping proposal - but skeptically and with clear conditions. Russian President Vladimir Putin has many faults, but he is rarely boring. On 5 September, he once again surprised everyone by announcing that Russia wants a UN peacekeeping force for eastern Ukra...
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