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Easing the EU’s Eastern Partnership fatigue   
The EU is right to demand reforms from its Eastern Partners – but its own expectations need to adjust to the region's realities Periodically, the EU seems to suffer a “Ukraine fatigue”, a “Moldova fatigue” or an “Eastern Partnership fatigue”. Usually, this comes after a country either disappoints in...
Not only a pawn in their game   
The war in Yemen has its own domestic logic, independent of the Saudi-Iranian ‘cold war'. Visiting the city of Marib in central Yemen earlier this month, it was for a moment possible to forget that Yemen is embroiled in a devastating civil war. Streets bustled with commerce and construction; a newly...
The real possibility of conflict with North Korea   
Conflict with North Korea is too often assumed to be an all or nothing issue, with nuclear Armageddon as the inevitable result. In a hurricane, there is a peaceful lull when the eye of the storm arrives, but it is just an illusion. This is where we are with North Korea. We think we have been seen th...
Will Local Control of Schools Return to Philly?   
Will Local Control of Schools Return to Philly? In 2001 the General Assembly passed legislation that was signed into law in October of that year creating an appointed School Reform Commission to administer the School District of the City of Philadelphia, the largest district (measured by enrollment)...
Time for the Sleeping Beauty to wake   
Whether Europe will be able to make a difference in foreign policy depends on whether member states can fulfil PESCO's commitments. In 2014, an ancient Chinese curse descended on Europe. Russia annexed Crimea and Sevastopol. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed the caliphate from the Great Mosque al-Nuri...
EU defence efforts miss the open goal again   
PESCO's commitments have been watered down so as to become virtually meaningless. “Big noise on stairs, nobody coming down.” Alas, the old Chinese saying applies all too aptly to the European Union's latest scheme for promoting defence efforts by its member states: permanent structured cooperation, ...
How to avert the looming Brexit crisis   
Europe must help May sugar-coat the very bitter pills the Brits are going to have to swallow. In just over a month, EU leaders meeting in Brussels will have to decide whether ‘sufficient progress' has been made in phase 1 of the Brexit talks (the divorce issues) for phase 2 negotiations to get under...
Japan–Russia: Another Fine Mess   
Russian President Vladimir Putin imposes new conditions to normalise Moscow’s relations with Tokyo.A meeting last week between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Danang, Vietnam, where both attended a pan-Asian summit, went swimmingly. Sources said both sides...
The Commitment to Development Index after 15 Years: Quo Vadis?   
Think tanks and international organisations publish a lot of indices that rank countries or institutions by their policies. We ourselves here at CGD we have recently published the fifteenth edition of the Commitment to Development Index (CDI), which ranks 27 rich countries by how their policies affe...
Fighting sclerosis in KSA   
Fighting sclerosis in KSA Güven Sak, PhD12 November 2017 - Okunma Say?s?: 254 There’s a book-turned-Hollywood film called “A Hologram for the King.” Basically, Tom Hanks is a struggling businessman who takes a plane to Saudi Arabia to sell the King a hologram machine. He’s promised a meeting, b...
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