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The professor pay gap   
One of the many things University of Toronto Prof. Jordan Peterson (pictured above) and TV interviewer Cathy Newman talked about recently in their now-famous-on-YouTube discussion on Britain’s Channel 4 was the male-female wage gap.Peterson explained that when you do multivariate econometrics, it’s ...
Technology can drive green growth in GMS   
In the last 20 years, rapid economic growth in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) has reduced poverty and brought prosperity to many of its 420 million people.Much of the growth has relied on natural resources, which generate up to half of the total wealth in some GMS countries.But the “grow-now-cl...
Court: Pennsylvania Must Rehire Trooper Legally Barred From Carrying Gun   
An appeals court in Pennsylvania has ruled that the state police force must rehire a trooper whom it let go after a female officer obtained a protective order against him which barred him from having a gun. A dissenting judge argued in vain that the dismissal was justified since under the circumsta...
Navy Scandal: Classic Government Corruption   
The Washington Post does not do much investigating of waste, fraud, and abuse in federal agencies anymore, but it has done a great job with the Fat Leonard Navy corruption scandal. I discussed prior WaPo stories on the scandal here and here.The newspaper has another pair of stories today (here and ...
Brush, Breath and Line: A Veteran’s Recovery through the Arts   
Saori Murphy Brush, Breath and Line: A Veteran’s Recovery through the Arts Posted by Saori Murphy, Feb 02, 2018 0 comments Saori Murphy I am a US Army veteran, artist, teacher, creative soul guide, and like all of us—a work in progress. With all of these things that I feel I am, I know that being...
Abe's Diplomacy at a Crucial Moment   
The Japan-US alliance has been made stronger than ever by an unrivaled relationship between Abe and TrumpThis solid Japan-US alliance continues to guide both Japan-China and Japan-Russia relations.Following the lower house elections, the conditions were in place for "diplomacy with a bird's eye view...
The FISA Follies: The Nunes Memo Edition   
After much publicly acrimony and week-long speculation about its contents, the “Nunes Memo” (named for GOP House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) chairman Devin Nunes of California) was finally made public today. In reality, the document was authored by thus-far unidentified GOP H...
Recapping Immigration Week on the Cato Daily Podcast   
All this week, the Cato Daily Podcast (subscribe!) has tackled the myths, errors, and underappreciated elements of immigration policy. President Donald Trump has made a massive reduction in legal immigration a centerpiece of his second year in office, and the sales pitch he’s made on behalf of that...
Economic Growth Under the Trump Immigration Plan   
Economic growth is a poorly understood phenomenon by economists.? There are many schools of thought and models that try to understand it but we are far away from understanding it as well as how micro markets function.? We may never do so.? But there seem to be two non-mutually exclusive ways that g...
Medical groups ask government to tackle soaring negligence costs   
Medical groups have written to the Justice Secretary, asking him to address the soaring cost of medical negligence claims, according to the BBC.A 2017 report from the Centre for Policy Studies noted the rapidly increasing cost of medico-legal expenses, and the associated insurance, was driving GPs o...
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