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Water, climate and agriculture: the case study of Puglia region   
Credits: ? Laura Caciagli Over the past 60 years increasing water demand, population growth, urban expansion, and intensive agricultural practices in many areas have exacerbated the impact of water scarcity and droughts for irrigation purposes.In several regions, but especially in semi-arid areas, r...
Article 370- Back to the Frontline   
Center-State RelationsThe relationship between the Govt of India and state of J&K has been like a roller coaster ride. However, the downs will outnumber the ups, hands down. The history of this blow hot - blow cold marriage of convenience has been amply highlighted in three web articles on the histo...
Tony Jones on Lionel Murphy, ASIO & Croatian fascism   
Paul LynchThe Twentieth Man is the first novel by Tony Jones of ABC fame. It’s a pretty good yarn. It’s a thriller based on the sensational true events surrounding the presence and activities of the Ustasha, a fascist racist ultra-nationalist Croatian group in Australia. It’s a ‘work of fiction bas...
Green Growth Knowledge Platform welcomes CMCC Foundation as new Knowledge Partner   
Given the CMCC’s extensive research consortium, interest in sharing its research and knowledge broadly, and efforts to facilitate dialogue among researchers, governments, and civil society to support concrete actions, the CMCC has been accepted into the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP)?as a G...
Dark Clouds Over Kashmir   
"I cannot drink waterIt is mingled with the blood of young men who have died up in the mountains.I cannot look at the sky; It is no longer blue; but painted red.?I cannot listen to the roar of the gushing stream?It reminds me of a wailing mother next to the bullet-ridden body of her only son.?I cann...
Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru   
April 5, 2018The Eighth Summit of the Americas will take place in Lima, Peru, on April 13–14. The eyes of the region will be focused on three issues:Can a summit whose theme is transparency and anticorruption succeed in a country whose president was forced to resign two weeks earlier precisely becau...
Pulling Out of Syria is Not a Good Idea   
Last week, President Donald Trump announced in a speech delivered in Ohio that soon he will order U.S. troops to pull out of Syria.The president seemed to justify that step on grounds that ISIS has already been defeated. However, the Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and the U.S. special envoy for t...
Blue Growth: science, society and innovation. A focus on the Mediterranean and Black Sea   
CC Artur Rydzewski @Flickr.com The European Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service – CMEMS provides daily ocean forecasting products which support applications dealing with societal challenges such as maritime safety, coastal and marine environment management, climate change assessment and...
EU ETS: what you need to know about the reform of the cap-and-trade system to curb European emission   
The lawmaking process to reform the European carbon market started in 2015 with the EU Commission’s first revision proposal from 2021 onwards (phase 4). With the EU Council’s final approval in February 2018, the ETS reform has become law and entered into force in early April (on the 20th day follow...
In Memoriam: Eugene M. Grant   
The Center for Security Policy mourns the passing yesterday of a dear friend and valued founding member of its Board of Regents: Eugene Grant. Thus ends a century of extraordinary accomplishments, exploits all over the world, distinguished military service, outstanding entrepreneurial success, gen...
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