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Xi’s Consolidation of Military Power   
Chinese civil military relations have witnessed a decided shift in balance towards increasing Party control over the military, shifting command of the People’s Armed Police exclusively to the Central Military Commission being the latest in power consolidation. The 2015 military reforms in China rest...
Afghanistan Terrorism Round Up   
The Build UpIn April 2017, the Afghan Taliban announced ‘Op Mansouri’, a summer offensive which has rapidly continued into the winter as seen by recent events. ‘Op Mansouri’ was undertaken with the aim of expanding Taliban control in provinces where they had a large footprint and also to gain contro...
Iran In Latin America: Identifying The Problem and How We Need To Confront It   
Originally posted on the London Center for policy researchLast December, Politico?uncovered a story with serious and far-reaching implications.The Obama Administration undermined and blocked a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) program in its eagerness to secure a nuclear deal with Iran.This program ta...
Ocean: new insights to understand ocean and climate variability   
CC Digital Aesthetica @Flickr.com The exploitation and protection of marine coastal regions require a predictive capability at space scales that so far have been forbidden due to the numerical and computational challenges involved. The frontier-resolution representation of the global ocean circulati...
Country-Risk Rating of Overseas Investment from China(2018)   
IIS | International Investment Studies Working Paper No. 201802 January 23, 2018 [PDF Download]Country-Risk Rating of Overseas Investment from China(2018)CROIC-IWEPDepartment of International InvestmentInstitute of World Economics and PoliticsChinese Academy of Social SciencesJanuary 2018?I. Rating ...
Recent Development of Russia – Japan Economic Relations and Implications for Korea   
World Economy Brief Detail View Title Recent Development of Russia – Japan Economic Relations and Implications for Korea Author PARK Joungho, KANG Boogyun and MIN Jiyoung Date 2018-01-29 File WEB 18-03.pdf? This paper provides the following policy implications for Korea. First, Korea needs to tak...
With H-6G Bomber, China Gears Up to Win Informationised Local Wars   
?China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has recently deployed an H-6G electronic warfare aircraft, which is capable of high electronic jamming power and can cover relatively bigger combat areas such as?the South China Sea and East China Sea. This marks a significant addition to China’s existin...
Pakistan-China:- All Weather Friendship, or a Partnership of Limited Cooperation?   
??On inspecting the core nature of China and Pakistan as states, it comes out clearly that both the states are starkly different from one another. China, a colossal communist capitalist state occupying 20% of Asian landmass, is ?at heart Confucian. Pakistan on the other hand is a struggling capitali...
Augmented Soldier: Ethical, Social & Legal Perspective   
Historical PerspectiveHuman Augmentation refers to the modern technologies that actively seek to combine biology, nanotechnology and neurologic elements with other information to provide for the ability to ‘enhance’ human beings into having?predetermined characteristics. Naturally, a concept which c...
Center’s Hull on Trump’s war against the media: It’s messy – but it works   
Original Swedish version of this article by Albin Aghamn available at SVTDonald Trump’s war on the media has been going on since his presidential campaign started and continues during his presidency.?Why does he wage it??Because it works, says Christopher C. Hull, an executive at a conservative th...
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