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Loss of Kirkuk undermines Kurdish independence claims   
?By Toby Dodge, Consulting Senior Fellow for the Middle EastThe re-taking of Kirkuk by Iraqi forces is a huge boost to prime minister?Haider al-Abadi’s stature as a national leader. This cannot but help him retain the prime ministership in the upcoming national elections in 2018.For the Kurds, the e...
Fatah and Hamas face huge challenges despite reconciliation agreement   
?By Elisabeth Marteu,?Research Associate, Consulting Senior Fellow for Middle East AffairsThe 12 October reconciliation deal between Hamas and Fatah follows a decade of violent tensions, political competition and abortive efforts to heal the rift dividing the two movements. Since Hamas seized contro...
Peacekeeping in Ukraine: limited progress amidst uncertainties?   
By Anastasia Voronkova, Editor, Armed Conflict Survey; Research Fellow for Armed Conflict and Armed Conflict DatabaseOn 5 September 2017 Russia proposed a draft resolution asking that the UN Security Council considers the authorisation of a UN peacekeeping force deployment to the Donbas. While peace...
Singapore International Energy Week: the Greening of Asia   
The global energy landscape is changing. Among the driving forces are a collapse in the cost of renewable electricity, the coming of age of LNG as a globally-traded commodity and a rise in environmental concerns, including urban air quality and climate change. Asia’s economies are large and growing ...
Conflict and transformation in the Levant   
Islamic State’s rapid loss of territory brings new challenges and opportunities for countries in the Middle East and beyond. IISS Senior Fellow for Middle East Security Emile Hokayem explored these issues at an IISS event in London, entitled ‘Conflicts and Transformation in the Levant’. He said: Pre...
Palestinian unity government remains unlikely   
Media Mentionvia?The Arab WeeklyPalestinian unity government remains unlikelyBy?The Arab Weekly?September 24, 2017References?Alaa TartirLondon - Conciliatory moves an-nounced by the Palestin-ian movement Hamas to-wards its rival Fatah will not be enough to bring an end to the differences between the...
Why Fatah And Hamas Won’t Reconcile   
Media Mentionvia?Al Jazeera EnglishWhy Fatah And Hamas Won’t ReconcileBy?Al Jazeera English?September 21, 2017References?Alaa Tartir, Tareq BaconiThe latest episode of the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation saga is by no means a step closer to a unified government and an end to a 10-year political schism, a...
Hamas’ offer to negotiate towards unity government with Fatah ‘cannot be trusted’   
Media Mentionvia?SBSHamas’ offer to negotiate towards unity government with Fatah ‘cannot be trusted’By?SBS?September 21, 2017References?Samah SabawiPalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has welcomed Hamas' offer this week to resume unification talks with Mr Abba's Fatah faction, in a move that would ...
UNCTAD Report: 50 Year Occupation Destroyed Palestinian Economy   
Media Mentionvia?Real News NetworkUNCTAD Report: 50 Year Occupation Destroyed Palestinian EconomyBy?Real News Network?September 15, 2017References?Alaa TartirA scathing report from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development describes how 50 years of Israeli occupation has prevented economic ...
Increasing militia violence in the CAR threatens civilians and disarmament efforts   
By Anastasia Voronkova, Editor, Armed Conflict Survey; Research Fellow for Armed Conflict and Armed Conflict DatabaseFighting between diverse militia groups in the Central African Republic (CAR) has dramatically increased in the past few months, leading to severe civilian victimisation. In August, i...
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