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Increasing militia violence in the CAR threatens civilians and disarmament efforts   
By Anastasia Voronkova, Editor, Armed Conflict Survey; Research Fellow for Armed Conflict and Armed Conflict DatabaseFighting between diverse militia groups in the Central African Republic (CAR) has dramatically increased in the past few months, leading to severe civilian victimisation. In August, i...
The secret to North Korea’s ICBM success   
By Michael Elleman, Senior Fellow for Missile DefenceNorth Korea’s missile programme has made astounding strides over the past two years. An arsenal that had been based on short- and medium-range missiles along with an intermediate-range Musudan that repeatedly failed flight tests, has suddenly been...
Dealing with the Latest North Korea Missile Threat   
Embedded video for Dealing with the Latest North Korea Missile Threat Following a war of words between US President Donald Trump and the Pyongyang regime, are we at risk of escalation? RUSI experts Tom Plant, Cristina Varriale and Emil Dall discuss.Find our more about the Proliferation and Nuclear ...
Japan’s demographic disaster: looming crisis threatens US power and Asia-Pacific regional stability   
By Jonathan Webb, Research Assistant, IISS-AsiaIn 2013 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe confidently asserted that ‘Japan is back’. Since then his government has continuously worked to redefine and expand Japan’s strategic role. Yet four years later, and with a sitting United States president who h...
Don’t repeat the Iraq War false WMD claims with Iran   
By Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS-AmericasWhere were you when the US invaded Iraq 15 years ago?? I was an acting Deputy Assistant Secretary at the State Department, with an inside view on the decision-making process. My colleagues in the department’s Intelligence and Research (INR) Burea...
US policy challenges in the Asia-Pacific   
By Ankit Panda, Senior Editor, The DiplomatSecurity trends in Asia in the first six months of 2017 appeared to emphasise that challenges first identified in 2016 would persist and intensify for regional states. However, one important new variable was introduced to the mix. The Trump administration h...
La Centrafrique n'a plus les moyens de s'en sortir   
Trois ans et demi après l'opération Sangaris et l'intervention de troupes fran?aises, des groupes armés défient la mission de paix de l'Onu. La moitié du pays reste livrée au chaos. Où en est la Republique?centrafricaine (RCA) ?Depuis 1993, deux gouvernements prédateurs...
Quelle place pour l'énergie nucléaire aux Etats-Unis ?   
Entretien avec le Directeur Général de l'agence de l'OCDE pour l'énergie nucléaire, William MAGWOOD. Quelle est la part de l'énergie nucléaire dans le mix énergétique américain aujourd'hui?? Les politiques du président Donald Trump et du secrétaire à l'énergie Rick Perry vont-e...
Réfugiés en Allemagne: le retour en grace de Merkel   
Un temps dépassée par la crise des réfugiés en 2015, la chancelière allemande reprend la main avant les législatives de septembre. Le défi de l'intégration reste immense.Même l'extrême droite l'admet. "Angela Merkel?n'a pas de concurrence." Cet aveu d'un représentant de l'Alternative für Deutsc...
Israeli MK: I’d ‘execute’ Palestinian attacker’s family   
Media Mentionvia?Al Jazeera EnglishIsraeli MK: I’d ‘execute’ Palestinian attacker’s familyBy?Al Jazeera English?July 27, 2017References?Nadia Hijab Palestinians have criticised an Israeli legislator who said he would "execute" a Palestinian assailant's family as revenge for an operation that killed ...
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