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Is Climate Restoration an Appropriate Policy Goal?   
Read OnlineIs Climate Restoration an Appropriate Climate Policy Goal?by Robert J. Lempert, Giacomo Marangoni, Klaus Keller, Jessica DukeRelated Topics: Environmental Science and Technology, Global Climate Change, Science, Technology, and Innovation PolicyCitationEmbedShare on FacebookShare on Twitte...
Proposed Extension of Facility Availability Period: MFF 0029: Highlands Region Road Improvement Inve...   
A two-year extension from 30 June 2018 to 30 June 2020 of the availability period of the multitranche financing facility (MFF) for the Highlands Region Road Improvement Investment Program in Papua New Guinea (PNG) was proposed to allow the investment program to be completed.The MFF provides loans o...
India Private Equity Report 2018   
Executive summaryMacroeconomic overviewThe global upswing in economic activity continued in 2017, with global GDP growth rising to 3.2%, led by the US and the EU. Broad-based upward revisions of economic growth parameters in Western Europe, Japan, emerging Asia and Russia more than offset downward ...
Strategy 2030: Achieving a Prosperous, Inclusive, Resilient, and Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (C...   
ADB's new long-term corporate strategy to 2030—Strategy 2030—aims to set the course for ADB’s efforts to respond effectively to the region’s changing needs.?Under Strategy 2030, ADB will sustain its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty, given the region’s unfinished poverty agenda, and expand its v...
What’s killing ICBC—and should it be saved   
Appeared in the Vancouver Province, April 5, 2018 It’s no secret that ICBC is under financial distress. In 2016/17 it suffered its largest loss ever—$889 million, an amount equal to 18 per cent of its total premiums. What’s worse, it’s heading for an even larger $1.3 billion loss this year, whic...
Finding the Right Balance Department of Defense Roles in Stabilization   
Read OnlineFinding the Right BalanceDepartment of Defense Roles in Stabilizationby Linda Robinson, Sean Mann, Jeffrey Martini, Stephanie PezardRelated Topics: Civil-Military Relations, Peacekeeping and Stability Operations, Security Cooperation, United States Department of DefenseCitationEmbedShare ...
Built to last   
Appeared in the American Legion Magazine, April 1, 2018If we Americans have learned anything from our well-intentioned efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s that democratic elections do not necessarily promote stability. Ironically, nor do democratic elections ensure freedom, as underscored by the ...
Preparing for U.S.-North Korea Talks: Insights from Researcher Bruce Bennett   
At a recent event at RAND's Santa Monica headquarters, researcher Bruce Bennett fielded a provocative question: Assuming the historic meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Trump takes place, what are the chances it will lead to meaningful progress?“North Korea seldom does wha...
The Decline and Fall of ICBC   
The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) experienced a horrible financial year in 2016–17. It suffered its largest ever annual loss of $889 million, an amount equal to 18 percent of its total premiums, and it is heading for a $1.3 billion loss in 2017–18, which would represent 23 percen...
Quantifying the Influence of Agricultural Fires in Northwest India on Urban Air Pollution Delhi,   
Quantifying the Influence of Agricultural Fires in Northwest India on Urban Air Pollution in Delhi, IndiaPublished in: Environmental Research Letters, Volume 13, Number 4 (April 2018),044018. doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/aab303 Posted on RAND.org on April 05, 2018by Daniel H. Cusworth, Loretta J. Mickley,...
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